My Top 10 List of Reactions to “You’re Getting a Dog?”

When you share news with friends and family, you will always get some sort of feedback. Whether you ask for it or not. When we told our family and friends we were getting a dog, we got some pretty funny responses from both dog and non-dog owners. So I’m taking a page from David Letterman, and present my Top 10 List!  Drum-roll in your head: optional.

You’re getting a dog? Top 10 Reactions from dog and non-dog owners…

(and my thoughts in brackets!)

10. Kiss your freedom goodbye!  (Oh great, thanks!)

9.  Are you ready to poop and scoop?  (Isn’t that what my kids are for? I’m in denial you may say.)

8.  Big dog = big poop.  (What’s with all the poop? I bet I’ll find out.)

7.  Dogs are so much fun.  (Duh!)

6.  Dogs bring so much love into your home.  (Ok fine, but they also bring mud and sticks too.)

5.  Dogs are a great stress release.   (Not really feeling any stress release yet.)

4.  You won’t regret it.  (I will hold you to that.)

3.  What? Why? Do you have too much time on your hands?  (Thanks Dad!)

2. You’ll wonder why you waited so long. (Ya, probably, maybe, we’ll see.)

And the number one, best reaction was from my six year-old niece who’s afraid of any thing that’s furry and moves…

  1. I’m never going to Auntie D’s house again! (Yikes. Going to have to work on you Missy M!)


Can you guess which comment came from a dog owner and which came from a non-dog owner?  Some of the answers may surprise you.


Dog-owners: 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 2

Non-dog owners: 9, 3, 1

Only time will tell if any of the above comments will prove to be true. I’m happy that most of the comments were positive. Until then, I will continue to focus on what comes next, like picking out a name for the puppy.  Let’s just say, this is also causing a grand discussion around here.

And one more awww-cute puppy photo!  Just because.

Pups at 2 weeks old.
Aww, Miss (Piggy) Pink. She was the biggest pup born.

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