The First Few Days! At Home with Carter

Our puppy adventures officially begin! Carter came home on International Happy Day, last Friday. Who knew that day even existed, but it was indeed appropriate. If I can brag a little, my puppy is pretty cute.  Introducing Carter…

Carter aka Mr. Yellow
Carter aka Mr. Yellow.

Yes, our puppy was known as Mr. Yellow when he was born, and our favourite from the first visit.

Carter’s been home with us for a few days now, and so far, so good and so far, so tiring! Puppies are work. Duh. I knew that. Well sort of.

Puppies are a lot like babies, only unlike babies, they move. And they explore. As soon as you lose sight of him, puppy gets into ‘trouble’. Carter’s been pretty great at doing his ‘business’ outside, and the few accidents he’s had, it’s because we were not quick enough to get him out. Live and learn for all of us.

My boys are totally in love and have been super helpful. Hoping this is a trend that sticks! The boys took charge and took care of Carter this past weekend, and that included introducing him to TV watching. (It didn’t last long, but made for a cute photo.)

Just chilling.
Just chilling…for 30 seconds or so.

We also had visitors, some bearing gifts, all weekend long. It was déjà-vu all over again, with all the well-wishes, gifts and visits, just like we experienced when our boys were born.

What we know thus far about Carter is:

  • He’s a champion eater! He’s a little ‘hoover’ and eats in record time. He is also always looking for more, and comes running into the kitchen when he hears the fridge opening.
  • He’s a great sleeper (unlike my boys as babies!). We are lucky this puppy is sleeping through the night. Like growing babies, puppies need lots of sleep. Right now Carter is napping at my feet as I try and get this post written!
  • He loves to snuggle and loves company. He always naps near us or in the same room where one of us is in.

Many photos have been taken over the past few days. See below for, ahem, a few photos. (Honest, I did hold back!)

Shhh, I'm not done writing!
Shhh, I’m not done writing!
Ahhh it’s a dog’s life!
I know, I’m adorable.


Yup, our puppy adventures have finally begun! Now that my boys are back to school after March Break, wish ME luck! That question I keep asking, HOW HARD CAN THIS PUPPY THING BE? I’m not complaining. Yet. He’s still napping!



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