Blog Policy

Disclaimer / Policy

I started this blog as a student in the Foundations of Digital Communications Strategy & Social Media course at the University of Toronto in Jan 2015. As part of the course work, we have to start and write a blog on a topic that preferably that ‘excites us’ as our teacher advised.

All the writing and any information I share in this blog is not paid for, and reflect my own thoughts and opinions, unless otherwise stated. I cannot guarantee that all information is accurate, but I will strive to correct any mistakes via editing or post the correct information as soon as possible.

All photography is my own unless marked otherwise by a photo credit. Please notify me of any concerns regarding images and copyright.

My blog contains links to other blogs/websites/videos etc. These links act as a reference only, and I am not responsible for the content they contain.

Feel free to share my blog content. All I ask is that you attribute the original author and provide a direct link back to the original content.


I welcome you to a leave a comment and/or share your own experiences and opinions.

Comments that appear on my blog are the responsibility of the comment author.

All comments will be held for approval prior to being posted. I will do my best to approve posts within 24 hours. While I respect reader’s opinions and views, spam, inappropriate (foul) language and discriminatory comments will not be approved.


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